Total TV Pass is a streaming service that relies on your internet connection for watching TV programming.  

Buffering, Freezes and Stuttering

If you are experiencing pauses, or buffering. the most likely cause is a slight interruption in your internet connection.  If you are on a mobile device, try moving to an area with a stronger connection.  if you are at home, you may want to try and reset your router.  Streaming high-quality video takes more bandwidth than looking at a webpage, so even if other pages seem to load, your internet may still not have a strong enough connection for streaming.  Typically, this is a temporary issue with your internet service provider, and will clear up soon.

Local Channels

If you are experiencing connection issues while trying to watch a local channel, this could be an issue on that TV stations end.  If you are having issues while watching an NBC, ABC, Fox or CBS program, try switching to another affiliate station, in a different city.

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