How much does Total TV Pass Cost?

We have packages ranging from $24.95 - $45.95 depending upon how many devices you would like to have connected.  You can learn more here

How many channels are in my package?

There are over 4000 channels, which include all your favorite cable networks like USA, TNT, and TBS, but there are also local stations from all around the country, numerous ESPN, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS & NBA channels.  There are also foreign language channels, with more being added all the time.

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts.  You are only committed to the month that you paid for.  If you choose not to continue, you can cancel any time, with no penalties.

Will this work on my phone?

YES!  Total TV Pass works by using an app that you download on your Apple or Android device.  This also includes tablets.

Will this work on my TV?

YES!  You can watch on your TV in a few ways.  You can cast the programming from your phone to your smart TV, or smart TV device.  If you have Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you can use an app on those devices.

Will this work on my desktop or laptop computer?

YES!  There are apps for both Mac and Windows that allow you to view right on your computer.

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