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Ray from Georgia

I had some exposure to real estate but after working with the Real Estate 2 Success system I much more confident!

Holly from California

Although I have been in real estate for years, applying the content in Adam's book has made me more effective and efficient. Thanks!

Greg from Mississippi

The Real Estate 2 Success System has helped me to see how to eliminate much of the learning curve and start seeing results right away

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  • Deal Analyzer for Flips, Rentals, or Wholesaling: Value $99
  • Commercial Deal Analyzer: Value $99
  • Scope Master for thorough estimating of repair costs: Value $99
  • Deal Tracker for detailed tracking of offers/deals Value: $99
  • Subcontractor Agreement (sample) Value: $99
  • Lease Agreement (sample) Value: $99
  • E-Book Now You're Talking Real Estate- Essential scripts to starting a professional conversation in real estate: Value $19
  • Access to Insider Rolodex of contractors, lenders, title companies & lawyers, insurance & hedge funds: Value $20,000
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Deal Analyzer For Flips, Rentals or Wholesaling

The Deal Analyzer can make evaluating properties for flip, rental, or wholesale quick and easy. You can easily adjust the fields if you like. Plug in a few numbers in the yellow fields and let the Analyzer instantly provide professional instant results! 

Commercial Deal Analyzer

For years experts have tried to make commercial real estate seem complicated, but not any more! You can look at the same kind of analysis as countless commercial lenders and investors. Follow the instructions, fill in some highlighted yellow fields and the results come quick.

Scope Master

Estimating repairs for a property has never been much easier than going down the checklist, filling in the yellow fields and getting results fast! Although not a substitute for a contractor, and acknowledging that rates are different in different areas, the fields are easy to adjust and use.

Deal Tracker

Now, you can more easily know what many real estate experts track and do it yourself to remain organized, efficient, and potentially more profitable!

Subcontractor Agreement (sample)

This sample agreement is similar to what many expert real estate professionals use in our experience. Because we are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice, this is just a sample, but one you could review and discuss with your own legal counsel and likely save!

Lease Agreement (sample)

This sample lease agreement is similar to what many real estate experts use in our experience. Because we are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice, this is just a sample, but one you could review and discuss with your own legal counsel.

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Now You're Talking Real Estate

Knowing what to say to start a conversation with confidence could improve your ability to secure helpful business contacts. As someone who has been in the real estate business for almost 27 years, I can tell you that knowing what to think and how to speak when engaging other real estate professionals can boost your confidence and attract other quality people to help you. Inside you will discover a plethora of ideas and phrases successfully used by professional real estate enthusiasts for over 20 years.

Weekly Phone Calls with veteran real estate professionals like the hosts of the Property Review Show on the Bargain House Network!

During these calls, a veteran real estate professional will address a timely topic in the industry. Following the address, members will have a brief time to ask any relevant real estate questions of interest.

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